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Best Water Filters!

Let Us Help Improve Your Water Quality

Financing available with payment as low as $19 to $29 per month!

The Best Water Filters For Homes and Commercial

Here at Safeway Water®, we provide water softeners, filter for city water, drinking water, water coolers, and commercial uses. Choose from a wide range of filters. Contact any Safeway Water Dealers or contact us directly for proper guide and direction.

Safeway Water® Featured Products

The systems listed below are our best-selling models for water quality improvement. Highlight any item for additional information, and request a quote using our “contact us” form.

Water Softeners

Premium Series Water Softeners

These models are the “best” of the “best”, offering greater efficiency (requiring less salt) and come with our exclusive LIFETIME limited warranty.

Signature Series Water Softeners

Highly popular models with affordable pricing for every budget. Valves are metered; and systems come with a ten year limited warranty on tanks and seven years on the valve.

Space Saver Water Softener

Space saver models are designed for tight spaces, where space is limited. Great for condos and apartments! The cabinet is the salt bin to save space.

City Water

Signature Series Safety Sorb® Systems

No-salt system for city water to remove harmful chemicals, Chlorine, taste, odors and some heavy metals. Available in automatic and non-electric models.

Triple Treat Water™ Systems

Our best-selling system for city water. It’s a combination water softener and whole house filter, all in one compact design. Removes Chlorine taste & odors; chemicals; and water hardness.

EZ “Jumbo” Cartridge Filter

Our low cost filer for whole house filtration. Carbon cartridge is typically good for four years for a family of two and two years for a family of four. We offer a pleated cartridge for sediment.

Well Water

Iron Zapper® Systems

Our Premium Series Iron Zapper filters work when other iron filters fail. Systems use ambient air for oxidation, eliminating water treatment chemicals in most installations.

Sulfur Shield® Systems

Our Signature Series Sulfur Shield systems remove Hydrogen Sulfide to eliminate Sulfur odors and provide high quality water using Catalytic activated carbon.

Purelight® UV Purifiers

Ideal system for well water, used to kill bacteria and other microorganisms without the use of chemicals. UV purifiers are also recommended for city water if chlorine levels are too low.

Drinking Water

Safeway Water® Reverse Osmosis System

Phenomenal technology to remove the most harmful drinking water impurities.

Three-Stage Under Sink drinking water system

Works with low pressures, and no storage tank is required. Removes taste, odors, toxic chemicals, bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.

Two-Stage Under Sink Filter

Designed for city water to provide great tasting, filtered drinking water for you and your family!

What Loyal Customers Say About Safeway Water

Safeway Water is a division of Safe Water Alliance, LLC. Our equipment is manufactured and assembled in the United States of America. Our primary goal is to satisfy customers by providing top quality products, the best customer service in our industry and world class technical support after the sale. Our satisfied customers are our #1 asset. You are cordially invited to join the Safeway Water family!

DJ and Karen (Orlando, Florida)

We used to drink bottled water because we didn’t trust our tap water. We had a Safety-Sorb system installed, and now we get great tasting...

Beverly (Inverness, Florida)

In our area Iron stains and Sulfur odors are a real problem. This is why we called Safeway Water, and they were great! Ira Wilson, our local...

Jason Kim and family Saddle River, NJ

We have a large home, three generations living together, and we’ve struggled with our well water since the house was built. We found Safeway...

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