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Cartridges For Our Systems

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Filter Cartridges

We stock the most popular filter cartridges for residential and commercial applications, including carbon block, carbon block for Lead, pleated, melt blown, in-line and specialty cartridges.

Carbon Block Cartridges

Carbon block cartridges (for Chlorine taste & odors)

Part NumberLengthODTypeMicronNo. / Case
CBC-STD-975-59-3/4”2-3/4”Carbon Block525
CBC-STD-20-520”2-3/4”Carbon Block520
CBC-BB-975-59-3/4”4-1/2”Carbon block512
CBC-BB-20-520”4-1/2”Carbon Block56

Carbon block cartridges for Lead reduction

Part NumberLengthODTypeMicronNo. / Case
LRC-STD-975-19-3/4”2-3/4”Carbon Block112
LRC-BB-975-19-3/4””4-1/2”Carbon Block112

Melt Blown Cartridges

Melt blown cartridges (for sediment)

Part NumberLengthODTypeMicronNo. / Case
MBC-STD-975-59-3/4”2-3/4”Melt Blown550
MBC-STD-975-209-3/4”2-3/4”Melt Blown2050
MBC-BB-975-59-3/4”4-1/2”Melt Blown518
MBC-BB-975-209-3/4”4-1/2”Melt Blown2018
MBC-BB-20-520”4-1/2”Melt Blown59
MBC-BB-20-2020”4-1/2”Melt Blown209

In-Line Cartridges

In-Line cartridges (for RO and ice maker replacements)

Part NumberLengthODTypePipe Size
IL12GAC12”2.5”Coconut shell GAC¼” NPT
IL12GACQC12”2.5”Coconut shell GAC¼” QC
IL-CAL12”2.5”Calcite to boost pH3/8” QC

Note: Case quantities may vary.

Specialty Cartridges

Specialty cartridges

Part NumberLengthODTypeNo. / Case
CALCITE-STD-9759-3/4”2-3/4”Calcite to raise pH12
MBDI-STD-9759-3/4”2-3/4”Mixed bed DI12
NITRATE-STD-9759-3/4”2-3/4”Nitrate reduction12
PHOSPHATE-S-9759-3/4”2-3/4”Phosphate for scale12
PHOS/GAC-S-9759-3/4”2-3/4”Phosphate / GAC12

Pleated cartridges

Pleated cartridges (for sediment)

Part NumberLengthODTypeMicronNo. / Case

Best Filter Cartridges

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