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The Best Cartridges for Big-Bubba® Filters

Our cartridges for Big-Bubba° filter housings outperform competitive cartridges in a variety of ways. First, our filter media, center tubes and end caps are made of 100% polyester for greater chemical compatibility and improved performance. No cellulose (paper) is in our filter media, to prevent mold or bacteria from forming. End caps, center tubes and the filter media are thermally bonded for extra strength. Some cartridges are cleanable and reusable, and cartridges for Big-Bubba housings are manufactured in the USA.

Replacement cartridges for Big-Bubba® filter housings

Big-Bubba replacement pleated cartridges from Safeway Water are made from synthetic filter media for superior performance.  These cartridges can be cleaned and reused in water filtration, five micron and up

Carbon cartridges are made using a high porosity carbon block, designed to reduce Chlorine, Chloramines, tastes, odors, VOCs and other harmful chemicals.

Replacement cartridges for Big-Bubba® filter housings Product Codes

Product codeMicron ratingSq. Ft.Dimension
BB150-PH01A1 (Absolute)1501 7 x 7 x 31
BB150-PH0111501 7 x7x31
BB150-PH20201501 7 x 7 x31
BB150-PH0551501 7 x7x31
BB150-PH50501501 7 x7 x 31
BB150-PM1501501501 7 x 7 x31
BB150-HMB011751 7 x 7x 31
BB150-HMB055751 7 x 7 x 31
BB150-HMB2020751 7 x 7 x 31
BB150-HMB5050751 7x 7 x31
BB150-CTO150N/A1 7 x 7 x 31

The Cheapest Replacement cartridges for Big-Bubba® filter housings

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