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The Best Commercial Water Filters

We offer a complete line of commercial water filters for Iron, Hydrogen Sulfide, sediment, acidic water, Arsenic and other filtration requirements. Our valves, tanks and other components are manufactured in the USA, and meet NSF and industry standards. We use mineral tanks up to 63” in diameter and valves in 1”, 1-1/4””, 1-1/2” , 2”, and 3” sizes. Our engineering department is eager to assist you!

Commercial Water Filter

Components for our commercial water filters are manufactured in the USA and assembled in Ocala, Florida.  Valves, tanks, resins, carbons and Iron reduction media are NSF certified and meet all performance requirements. Specifications are listed below:

Note:  All systems come with USA valves, NSF certified mineral tanks, gravel under bedding, riser tube and distributor.           Systems with 1.5” and 3” valves come with hub and laterals.  Systems are shipped unassembled on pallet

Commercial Water Filter

Valve typeTime Clock
Valve sizes1”, 1.25”, 1.5”, 2” and 3”
Pipe sizes¾”, 1”, 1.25”, 1.5”, 2” and 3”
Regeneration methodDown flow
Riser tube size1.05”, 1.25”, 1.5”, 2” and 3”
Drain line fitting¾” , 1”
Drain line tubing½”, ¾” or 1”
Brine line3/8” quick connect
Supply voltage120 V AC
Supply frequency60 Hz
Output voltage12 V AC
Operating pressure20 psi to 125 psi
Operating temperature40°F to 110°F
Filter media volume (cu. ft.)1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 7.0 and 10.0

Safeway Water® commercial filters for sediment & particulate

Model NumberSize ValveMedia Capacity (Cu. Ft.)MediaDesign Flow Rate (GPM)Mineral TankBottom Distributor
SW-SEDF-200-1001”2Filter net15-Oct12X52Riser and basket
WS-SEDF-300-1251.25”3Filter net15-2014X65Riser and basket
SW-SEDF-400-1501.5”4Filter net20-3016x65Hub & laterals
SW-SEDF-700-1501.5”7Filter net30-5021x62Hub & laterals
SW-SEDF-1000-2002”10Filter net40-6524x72Hub & laterals
SW-SEDF-2000-2002”20Filter net85-13036X72Hub & laterals
SW-SEDF-3500-3003”35Filter net150-25048X72Hub & laterals
SW-SEDF-5000-3003”50Filter net260-34063X86

Safeway Water® filters with coconut shell activated carbon for Chlorine taste, odor & chemical reduction

Model NumberSize ValveCarbon Capacity (Cu. Ft.)Carbon TypeDesign Flow Rate (GPM)Mineral TankBottom Distributor
SW-CF-300-1251.25”3Coconut15-2014X65Riser and basket
SW-CF-400-1251.25”4Coconut20-2516X65Riser and basket
SW-CF -400-1501.5”4Coconut25-3016x65Hub & laterals
SW-CF -700-1501.5”7Coconut30-3521x62Hub & laterals
SW-CF-700-2002”7Coconut35-4021x62Hub & laterals
SW-CF-1000-2002”10Coconut40-4524x72Hub & laterals
SW-CF-2000-2002”20Coconut40-7536X72Hub & laterals
SW-CF-3500-3003”35Coconut60-13048X72Hub & laterals
SW-CF-5000-3003”50Coconut75-20063X86Hub & laterals

Safeway Water® filters for Iron, Hydrogen Sulfide & Manganese

Model NumberSize ValveMedia Capacity (Cu. Ft.)Media TypeDesign Flow Rate (GPM)Mineral TankBottom Distributor
SW-ISF-200-1001”2Iron15-Oct12X52Riser and basket
WS-ISF-300-1251.25”3Iron15-2014X65Riser and basket
SW-ISF-400-1501.5”4Iron20-2516x65Hub & laterals
SW-ISF-700-1501.5”7Iron25-3021x62Hub & laterals
SW-ISF-700-2002”7Iron30-3521x62Hub & laterals
SW-ISF-1000-2002”10Iron35-4024x72Hub & laterals
SW-ISF-1500-2002”15Iron40-4536X72Hub & laterals
SW-ISF-2000-3003”20Iron45-5048X72Hub & laterals
SW-ISF-2500-3003”25Iron50-6063X86Hub & laterals

The Best Commercial Water filters

Top quality equipment and affordable prices, all manufactured in the USA.

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