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How To Protect You and Your Family From The Coronavirus?

There is a growing concern across the nation as the Coronavirus muscled its way in everyone lives.  The world was not ready for such a thing resulting in pandemic. This deadly virus has successfully showed people that it is no joke by demonstrating its ability to take lives. All over the globe businesses are stopping operation, families are in fear of their lives, losing love ones, and the list goes on and on. So it is quite clear that this virus as made quite a reputation for itself.

Protecting yourself from the Coronavirus.

Thanks to the hard-working men and women that are working diligently to provide information for everyone. According to the expert this virus can be prevented in several ways.

  • Carryout social distancing my maintaining four to six feet from others.
  • Demonstrate cleanliness by cleaning your hands often with antibacterial wet wipes.
  •  Avoid going to unnecessary public places. In other words if you can, stay at home until this thing passes.
  • Increase on your supplement intake of vitamin C, Zinc, and Echinacea. All these things are simple to boost your immune system.
  • Eat right by consuming more green vegetables.
  • Stay well hydrated  with clean, safe, and healthy drinking water.


Proper Hydration

This is the single most important thing that many tends to forget.  There is a good reason why 75% of the earth is made up of water. It is simple the source of life. Everything needs water  but, today we are all facing several challenges with finding and consuming clean, healthy, and safe drinking water.

Problem With Our Drinking Water

There is a growing demand for everyday things that we need to survive. These things are anywhere from toilet paper to drinking water. As a result, these things are created in bulk by very large manufacturers that are dumping large amount of toxic, harmful, and deadly contaminants in the ocean, lakes, and our rivers. These contaminants are now found in our drinking water due to the level of consistency by those manufactures.

While pollution is a major contributor to harmful contaminants in our water, the  Coronavirus are causing local stores and supermarkets to be out of bottled water. Now, where does that leaves us? We can not stop water pollution, empty stores and supermarkets but, we can control the water quality that comes out of our faucet in our homes.

Drink Better, Cleaner, And Healthier Water From the Faucets In The Comfort Of Your Home.

Safeway Water, LLC have made it possible for you and your loved ones to stop buying bottled water and drink better water right from your faucet. Take advantage of four stage reverse osmosis under sink water filtration systems that we provide.  This water filtration system has all the latest and modern technology to remove and reduce a good deal of water contamination.

Water Purification Systems

Safeway Water Under Sink Drinking Water Filter for City Water

Under Sink Drinking Water Filter for Well Water

Safeway Water Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems

From Safeway Water, LLC

Safeway Water as a company knows this is a hard time for everyone across the globe and therefore we hope everyone stay indoors if you can and please be safe. The Safeway Water team is standing by to help in any way we can.

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