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Do you need a water softener?

Water Softeners

Water Softeners are becoming increasingly popular. The more aware and knowledgeable homeowners are of their water and the damages it does, the more they see a need for a water softener. This makes homeowners curious, making them think, is there something wrong with the water we use to perform daily activities? There are a few things that could be wrong with your water but, we will focus on water hardness in this article.

Why do you need a water softener?

Many residents are badly in need of a water softener but, they are not aware.  There are several things that can easily help you determine if you do in fact need a water softener. Water Softener are used to remove and prevent water hardness. The hardness that is present in the water can cause a lot of damages to your appliances and can be very costly. Most of the things that are going to be mentioned might come as a surprise to many of us but, these are warning signs that you need a water softener for your home.

Does water hardness affect dishwasher machine?

Every home has a dish washing machine. Dishwashers are used in homes for the purpose of washing dishes, keeping dishes clean, sanitizing of dishes, and some homes use it for storing. In most occasions when dishes are washed via the dishwasher, when completed, there is a noticeable amount of white cloudy spots all over your plates and glasses. Those cloudy spots are a result of the water hardness present in your water. This is very dissatisfying to see to anyone that loves to have clean and sparkling dishes. Not only it causes your dishes to remain dirty, but it reduces the life expectancy of the dishwasher itself. Frequent repair and maintenance can definitely be a result of water harness and can be quite costly if not addressed quickly. A proper home water softening systems can surely help prevent those scale buildups in your dishwasher and your dishes.

Does water hardness affect laundry appliances and clothes?

How does water hardness affect your laundry? Like your dishwasher it affects your laundry in more ways than one. One major way that the hardness noticeably affects your laundry is the immediate discoloration of your cloth. All the hardness is not fully dispensed from the washing machine on completion therefore leaving behind small collection of lime store in the tray beneath the spinner that over a time can be very smelly. This sometimes can cause your clothes to contract a funky smell and slowly damage your washing machine. The next and most exciting problem that a water softener will solve is the amount of soap that is used to do laundry. If you noticed that you are using too much soap and even then, you are not seeing suds in your water, that probably the most effective way to know that you have a water hardness issue. If your water is not getting sudsy while doing laundry, then it’s clear that you need a water softener. Many homeowners that installed have learned and quickly installed water softener systems for homes instantaneously see and experience the immediate benefits. These benefits are long-lasting and brighter clothes while significantly using less soap.

Does water hardness affect your water heater?

One of the most expensive house whole items to repair if a home water softening systems is not installed is your water heater. If you are not aware that a real problem exists called water hardness, the water heater will be the last thing on your mind. The water heater has earned the reputation of the most neglected household item in every home. The problem caused from the hardness in your water slowly takes place and before you know it you water heater is damaged. When damages like this happens, most likely you will be spending a large amount of cash to replace your water heater because of severity of the damage. So, what problem does water hardness cause to your water heater? Your water heater wasn’t designed and made to filter hardness from your water. If you remember what water harness is, a buildup of small minerals results from the break down of lime stones and rock. Your water filter cannot filter these therefore, it settles and remains in the bottom eventually accumulated to a large amount.

The accumulation of the scales reduces the space for water resulting in less hot water through your home. This brings us to another crucial way to discover water harness issues. If you are taking a bath and you noticed that your hot water is lasting very long, then yes you could have water hardness. The time that it takes to have this effect on your hot water also serves as a warning that you water heater could be deteriorating as a result of the hardness. It is highly recommended that you get a professional to install a home water softening systems. This will prevent a lot of costly and unnecessary expenses in the future.

Does water hardness affect your bathrooms?

By this point you are probably more knowledgeable of the harms of water hardness and why you need a water softener. There are still more places that these problems affect. You guessed it; water hardness also affects your bathroom. If you have glass door for your shower, then maybe you have seen those same cloudy spots on the class doors. Those scaly spots are as a result of water hardness. As the water comes thought the pipes and the faucets of your bathroom it leaves behinds small amount of residue that eventually decays your shower heads, pipes, and faucets. Another noticeable place that you may see is problem is in your toilet. That ring of scale buildup that you see in your toilet over a period is also caused by the hardness in your water. Again, this is a regular plumbing repair that can be avoided by having a home water softening systems installed.

Does water hardness affect you and your loved ones?

The big question now come to this, if what hardness affects my whole house what effects does it have on me? Now this is a very good question. The problems just don’t end when you have water hardness issues. If water hardness can do such damages to you house imaging the things it does to you. The minerals from the hardness in your water damages and thin your hair every time you take a bath. This has also proven to eventually make your skin very dry and itchy. The buildup from the shower heads can seep into your eyes, ears, and mouth can cause you to be very sick over a period.

Water Hardness

Water hardness is a serious problem across the globe and can pose a serious threat to your appliances and finances. This can be reduced by investing in a home water softening systems. Our Signature Series and Premium Series Softener are a great way for protecting your house, yourself, and your family.

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